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  • Collect time anywhere, through a web browser, from a mobile device, or a physical time clock.

  • Manage labor costs, reduce compliance risk, streamline existing business processes and improve workforce productivity – all while leveraging your existing investment in your ERP.

The Trusted Name in Time and Attendance Solutions for Over 20 Years.

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Why Choose Acumen?

Our clients say it best:

"we researched several groups throughout the country and found Acumen to offer the most complete package, combining outstanding out-of-the-box software functionality with superior customization options to meet each client's unique needs."
                                                        Tim Jenkins, Vice President  Teamworks, Inc.

Our software fully integrates with every payroll system, HR, ERP or in-house system.

Time and Attendance

Cloud or On-premises based with biometrics and mobile access.


Eliminate conflicts, streamline rotations and control overtime.

Leave Managementnt

A highly advanced engine for benefits, time off, and leave rules.


I have been using Acumen’s time and attendance software for several years. The product was delivered, they helped us set it up, and we were trained as promised. I’ve had no complaints with the software, and the customer support has been quick and helpful.

Using the Acumen services has saved me a great deal of time and expense. I’ve recommended the system to a number of my friends and acquaintances, and I will continue to do so.

As health technology consultants we are constantly reviewing solutions for our more than 25,000 clients. Acumen’s time and attendance software is an excellent product at a great price. Our clients use a range of their products and have found both product and service to be a tremendous value.

As a consultant it makes our job easier to recommend companies that support and value customer service. We will continue to recommend Acumen’s products and services to our clients as well as strategic partners.

Audrey Whetsell
Chief Operating Officer
Resource Partners, Inc.

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Why not achieve a return on investment within a few months rather years? With automation and accuracy, Acumen cuts across your business with solutions, from eliminating buddy punching, time theft, and changing employee behavior around the clock.

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